On the question of index linking jewellery values

On a question of index linking jewellery values.
I recently valued a natural pearl necklace sold by Cartier in the early 1940s and valued by them at approximately £14,000. A tremendous amount at that time.
Using an index linked multiplier this would equate to about £675,000 today.
If the value was associated with the gold price it would be about £1,600,000.
The process for me is to relate the value to a similar item in the current market. The jewellery market is fluid, relying on fashion trends and availability.
Another way to illustrate this is to look at another historical sale of a natural pearl necklace. In 1917 Cartier bought 653 Fifth Avenue Mansion with a string of pearls.
Obviously, client confidentiality precludes me from declaring how much I valued the pearls for. Probably less than what you are thinking.

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